Andrew Szava-Kovats:


  • Born of Hungarian immigrants in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Andrew is settled in Massachusetts, where he works in his home-based studio.
  • Andrew began drawing as a child, and went on to study Art History at UMass-Lowell. In time, he noticed a missing link in art history: the connection between computer pixels, tile mozaics and the texture of woven cloth. This fascination  developed into his own style of painting called "Quadretti". Since 1992, this has been his signature style of painting. He pursues other art-forms, including music and digital video/DVD production.
  • Exhibitions:
  • Vintage Company, Lowell, MA - group show, 1997
  • Digital Equipment Corp. - 1994
  • Tewksbury Public Library - 1993
  • Boott Mills Museum, Lowell, MA- 1992/1993
  • Gallery East, Boston, MA - group show, 1984
  • Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, MA - multiple shows, 1992, 1993, 1995
  • Lowell Museum, Lowell, MA - group show, 1978
  • Awards:
  • First Place - Chelmsford Art Society Show, 1992
  • Showing - Lowell Museum, 1978
  • Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
  • Music Works:
  • Andrew began experimenting with tape loops and synthesizers in 1979. He released his first 7" vinyl EP in 1983. He now has 65 recordings released on vinyl and CD in 4 countries in Europe and the U.S.  His work incorporates a range of international electronic music styles, which has been grouped and released under different band names:
  • Data-Bank-A - for the gothic synth pop material, this is mostly solo, but has at various times become an ensemble of 4 musicians for recording and touring. This project has recorded 12 releases for 3 labels and toured New England and Germany. The sound has been compared to Severed Heads, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, Sisters of Mercy etc.
  • Dominion - for the dark, yet ethereal, ambient material, this solo project incorporates influences from Eno to Xymox. Includes 7 releases on 4 labels in the US and Europe, including one release on Metropolis Records.
  • Compound - for the industrial sounding material, this unique ensemble of 3 members worked individually in 2 locations hundreds of miles apart and layered contributions onto tape at their own studios. The resulting works became 3 releases on Dossier Records, Germany.
  • Parade of Sinners - for the loop-based material, this solo project harkens back to the roots of tape/media manipulation, while including synthetic rhythms and melodies. Originally released as cassettes on K.O. City.
  • True Age - simple yet sophistcated, dark yet uplifting, this duo produces rich blends of acoustic and analog and digital electronics woven into evokative improvisational electronica.

  • Fossil Man - a tribute to and updating of the classic sounds of the 1970s Electro-Punk sound of The Cure and Devo, Gary Numan, etc.
  • Different facets of Andrew's work have found their own outlets and audiences. And by releasing work on labels in Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany and Portugal, his following is more international than local.
  • In addition to the contracted label releases, Andrew's work has appeared on dozens of compilations throughout the world.
  • Andrew has toured in the U.S. and Europe under the Data-Bank-A moniker.
  • In addition to writing, recording and producing all his music, Andrew has prepared three spoken word recordings to accompany his poetry chapbooks.

  • Video Works:
  • Andrew began experimenting with video in 1991. Since then he has produced dozens of music videos and 3 documentary movies: "Grindstone Redux: the story of the 1980s Underground Music Network," "The Last Farm in Lowell," and "The Last Pow-Wow Oak" and "Let's Go to The Rat"

  • Books:
  • "A Pinch of Paprika"
  • "Grindstone Redux"
  • "Let's Go to The Rat"
  • "The Last Pow-Wow Oak"
  • "Data-Bank-A: Book A"

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