Andrew Szava-Kovats



“The Last Farm in Lowell” (released on DVD 2010) - as Producer, Writer, Director.

Awarded Grant from Massachusetts Cultural Council

“Rat Tales: stories of the Rathskeller Club, Boston” (in production) - as Producer, Writer, Director.

"Pow-Wow Oak Park" (in production) - as Producer, Director.

“Grindstone Redux: the 1980s Underground Music Network” (released on DVD 2009) - as Producer, Director, Editor.

Awarded Official Selection of W. Hollywood Film Festival


Music Videos & Collections:

“Data-Bank-A: Vintage Videos” collection (2008) - produced and assembled DVD, including graphics.

“Data-Bank-A: 20th Anniversary Collection” (2003) - produced & edited 14 videos, assembled DVD, Including the studio music videos:

“Nothing”, “See-Saw People”, “Not in this Life”

“What Day is it?”, “This is the End”


Memorial Tributes:

“Doug Walker - In Memoriam” (2008) - as producer and editor.

“Nicholas Koumantzelis - In Memoriam” (2007) - produced and edited mixed-media DVD.

“Helen Elston - In Memoriam” (2006) - Produced and edited video & DVD.


Children’s Book on DVD:

“My Sister’s Wedding” - by Kathleen Cymbura (2006) - produced DVD & interactive CD-ROM


Andrew Szava-Kovats, born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (1957), has been active in the arts of painting, writing, music and video production for more than 35 years.

Andrew began painting in the 1970s, winning a number of awards for his work. In the 1990s he developed his signature style: “Quadretti”, which combined concepts from computer art and tile art with a textural, painterly approach to oil painting.

In the 1980s, Andrew was highly active in the “Underground Music Network”, and has produced more than 50 records, which have appeared on 5 different record labels in Europe and the USA. He also founded his own record label, which continues today.

During the past decade Andrew expanded his interests to include video production. Beginning with music videos to accompany his music recordings. these were one-man productions, in which he wrote & recorded the music, shot and edited the videos.

“Grindstone Redux” was his first documentary. For this project, he enlisted his music network friends to shoot their own footage, which Andrew then edited and combined with other elements he produced, to create a texturally varied and visually complex movie. The finished movie was awarded “Official Selection” from the West Hollywood International Film Festival.

Andrew is currently working on two documentaries: “Rat Tales” (about The Rathskeller club, Boston, MA) and “The Last Farm in Lowell” (about Rollie’s Farm).

The documentary form brings together all of Andrew’s experience in the variety of arts he has practiced. It also provides a fulfilling way of contributing to the improvement of our cultural understanding and communication.

Andrew maintains a web site where all his artistic activities can be seen, heard and purchased:

He can be contacted through the web site, or at: , POB 9701, Lowell, MA 01852