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Women Who Rocked Boston
 - a Documentary by Andrew Szava-Kovats

"Although the Music Business is generally aknowledged to be run by men, while making this documentary, it became clear to me that Women made much more of an impact on the Boston Rock Music Scene than I thought, on stage and behind the scenes."

Get to know some movers and shakers from the 1970s to the 1990s:
Beth Caurant - Lilith
BJ Plattner - Rude Girls
Alizon Lissance, Cercie Miller, Didi Stewart, Kathy Burkly, Myanna Pontoppidan, Sandy Martin & Wendy Sobel - Girls Night Out
Laurel Blanchard - Lou Miami & The Kozmetix, Lilith
Carmen Wiseman - The Girls, Lisa's Hotcakes
Miss Lyn - Boston Groupie News
Jane Hudson - The Rentals, Jeff & Jane
Melodye Buskin - Phobia, Lou Miami & The Kozmetix
Linda Viens - Witch Doctor, Kingdom of Love
Suzie Kerr-Wright - One Fish Two Fish, Swinging Erudites
Tennie Komar - Tennie Komar & the Silencers
Plus live shots of The Bristols, Jen Trynin, Girl on Top,
Pamela Ruby Russell, Tracy Bonham, Juliana Hatfield.

Includes Band Bios, Press, Photo Gallery, Fanzines, the making of the movie
Plus "Club Land" the Board Game

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Let's Go to the Rat
a Documentary by Andrew Szava-Kovats

New York had CBGB, Boston had "The Rat" (1974-1997).  It was a destination nightclub for bands and music fans alike. People from all over the world went there to be part of "the scene" known as "The Rat." It was arguably the BirthPlace of Punk in the USA. 
It has a unique place in Music History, a place where artists, musicians and writers all hung out together and created a new aesthetic of art, fashion and music. It was Boston's version of the Moulin Rouge.
Willie Alexander, The Cars, Joan Jett, Mission of Burma, The Police, The Ramones, Sonic Youth and hundreds more all played at there.
"Let's Go to The Rat" brings you into this mysterious world of sex, drugs and punk-rock-n-roll.
It was a dark, dangerous,  smelly place, where the entertainment was as strong as the drinks.
"It was a Pirates' Den!" (Dave Minehan)
Experience the stories and performances that made The Rat special, as told by musicians who played there, people who worked there, and people who just hung out there.  They all had stories to tell. We listened.

The bands featured in the movie are:
Willie Alexander
Rick Berlin
Lizzie Borden & the Axes
Big Catholic Guilt - Sam Jordan
Mickey Clean & the Mez - Asa Brebner
The Neighborhoods - Dave Minehan
Loose Ties - Terry Kitchen
Classic Ruins - Carl Biancucci
Angry Young Bees - Jamie Shaler
Turbulent Daughters - Scott Lino
Real Kids
Witch Doctor - Linda Viens
As well as Scene Writers:
Bob Colby, Eric Van, Blowfish, Miss Lyn

The Book Includes all the stories from the movie
Plus more photos
Plus Fanzines: Boston Groupie News, Frenzy, Miscarriage
Plus Willie Alexander Scrapbook
Plus Wayne Valdez Photo Gallery
Plus the Hoodoo Barbeque Story by James Ryan
Plus introduction by movie director with "making of the movie"

For more about the Movie, go to:

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Deluxe Edition:
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Grindstone Redux:
The Story of the 1980s US Underground Music Network

a Documentary by Andrew Szava-Kovats

This is an historic book that brings together stories by 10 artists who helped create the Underground Music Network in the 1980s. Covers electronic, experimental, EBM, Industrial musics and more...

These are the Pioneers of Self-Publishing before computers and the Internet made it ubiquitous.
It's the companion piece to the Documentary Movie, adding more photos and reprints from Fanzines.
Includes more than one hundred photos, plus discographies, plus In Memoriam section with tributes to Chip Handy, Minoy, Stephen Parsons, Doug Walker.
Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the scene that made today's electronic music!

Jeff Central - of ITN
Don Campau - of Lonely Whistle Music
Charles Goff
- of Tape Rug Productions, - ing.  Disism, Herd of the Ether Space
Chris Phinney - of Harsh Reality, Cancerous Growth, Mental Anguish
Al Margolis - of Sound of Pig, If Bwana
Chris Elston - of Curious voltage
Andrew Szava-Kovats - of Data-Bank-A,
Dominion, Compound & Parade of Sinners
Randy Greif - of Swinging Axe Productions
Mikhail Bohonus - of War World
Mark Lane

For more about the Movie, go to: Grindstone Redux

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The Last Pow-Wow Oak:
A documentary by Andrew Szava-Kovats

The story of the Pow-Wow Oak of Lowell, MA - a tree that captured the imaginations of people in the area for more than 300 years!

This inspiring documentary has interviews with local historians, discussing the Tree's history through stories of the tree and the people who lived and gathered around it. The tree has been part of the Revolutionary War, the history of Lowell, Tewksbury and Billerica... While local town boundaries and residents changed, the tree stood and watched it all happen...

We tell the story of the Pow-Wow Oak Protectors (a grass-roots preservation organization dedicated exclusively to protecting the Pow-Wow Oak), how they came to be and the story of their efforts to preserve and protect the tree. Motivated by the destructive forces of landscaping activities that threatened the tree's life, the Protectors were formed in 2009. They spent more than three years trying to have the tree declared a "park" and pursued other official designations that could help protect it... Their story should be an inspiration to all those who believe in historic preservation at a grass-roots level!

The movie was an Official Selection of the "Culture Unplugged Festival 2015"

The book includes all the interviews from the Movie

Plus: Follow-Up on what happened After the Movie
Plus: Additional Photos
Plus: "Acorn to Icon" - by Eugene Winter

Plus: Documents and Letters and more...

For more about the Movie, go to: The Last Pow-Wow Oak

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Data-Bank-A: Book A:
by Andrew Szvava-Kovats

The first book about the electronic music pioneer band/artist Data-Bank-A. Written by founder/producer Andrew Szava-Kovats, includes all the lyrics to all the songs released by DBA (up to 2003 - "Brotherly Love" CD).

Includes Full Color reproductions of all the album and cassette covers, stories of the long and twisted road that DBA has traveled, how it got started, the members, photos from live shows, tour photos from Germany, and more... All the Data you need about DBA.

The Deluxe Edition includes a DVD collection of 12 music videos from 1985 to 2015.

For more about Data-Bank-A: go to

Book: $ 19.99
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