George Nicholas Koumantzelis, founder of Aeolian Kid (a rock band),

AEOLIA (a natural food store), and Tan Hat Two-Track (a mobile, digital-recording service), has been a natural-born percussionist his whole laugh. (Just ask his mom; he's been kicking-up a downbeat since his days in the womb!) George is actively involved in three bands at the time (Aeolian Kid, Landing In Libra, and True Age), and is continuously engaged in creative pursuits, off & on, with four others (The Abtract Orangutans, Barefoot Nunus, The Basement Beats, and Woodhed Grunts). He plays percussion, acoustic drums & cymbals (Zildjian), electronic drums, electronic synthesizers, some acoustic piano, and some electric guitar (on his Les Paul).

George is a lyricist and a songwriter, primarily, and a musician and a singer, secondarily. He also likes to do photography, write poetry, essays, and novels, and climb mountains. He is the founder of Aeolian Ergonautics, Aeolian Lyrical Music, Aeolian Photographic Works, Paw Print Publications, and the author of: AMHERST: DHARMA DREAMS & FAIRY RINGS (A SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY). Some of his friends call him a "granola guru" or a sociological-environmental-eco-philosopher.George just considers himself to be another ordinary asshole seeking the ultimate good shit. ... Peace & love, man!

George loves the freedom-loving, free-flowing, experimental music of the psychedelic sixties, and ancient and archetypal, tribal, world-beat rhythms fused with the electronic and spacey, synthesizer sounds of the new-wave seventies; as does Andrew; hence: TRUE AGE.



  • recording with AEOLIAN KID:

    Euripides Rising - 1992 - Aeolian Ergonautics, USA

  • Other recordings available by request.