"Let's Go to the Rat"

a Documentary by Andrew Szava-Kovats

New York had CBGB, Boston had "The Rat" (1974-1997).

It was a destination nightclub for bands and music fans alike.

People from all over the world went there to be part of "the scene" known as "The Rat."

It was arguably the BirthPlace of Punk in the USA.

It has a unique place in Music History, a place where artists, musicians and writers all hung out together and created a new aesthetic of art, fashion and music. It was Boston's version of the Moulin Rouge.

Willie Alexander, The Cars, Joan Jett, Mission of Burma, The Police, The Ramones, Sonic Youth and hundreds more all played at there.

"Let's Go to The Rat" brings you into this mysterious world of sex, drugs and punk-rock-n-roll.

It was a dark, dangerous,  smelly place, where the entertainment was as strong as the drinks.

"It was a Pirates' Den!" (Dave Minehan)

Experience the stories and performances that made The Rat special,

as told by musicians who played there, people who worked there, and people who just hung out there.

They all had stories to tell. We listened.

The bands featured in the movie are:

Willie Alexander

Rick Berlin

Lizzie Borden & the Axes

Big Catholic Guilt - Sam Jordan

Mickey Clean & the Mez - Asa Brebner

The Neighborhoods - Dave Minehan

Loose Ties - Terry Kitchen

Classic Ruins - Carl Biancucci

Angry Young Bees - Jamie Shaler

Turbulent Daughters - Scott Lino

Real Kids

Witch Doctor - Linda Viens

As well as Scene Writers:

Bob Colby, Eric Van, Blowfish, Miss Lyn

See production stills here.

Watch the Trailer on YouTube

Watch an Interview with the Director @ WCVB Channel 5, Boston, on "Chronicle"

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Let's Go to The Rat - The Book

(Beautiful 8 x 10" Art Book format)

Includes all the stories from the movie

Plus more photos

Plus Fanzines: Boston Groupie News, Frenzy, Miscarriage

Plus Willie Alexander Scrapbook

Plus Wayne Valdez Photo Gallery

Plus the Hoodoo Barbeque Story by James Ryan

Plus introduction by movie director with "making of the movie"

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Includes the bands:
Willie Alexander (with the Fighting Cocks)
Classic Ruins
Big Catholic Guilt
Angry Young Bees
The Neighborhoods
Out Cold
Facts About Rats
Turbulent Daughters
Witch Doctor
Loose Ties & Terry Kitchen

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