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The Last Pow-Wow Oak

an Historical Documentary


This program was supported in part by a grant from the Lowell Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Thanks to The Lowell Cultural Council & the Massachusetts Cultural Council we have this Documentary Movie about the Pow-Wow Oak of Lowell, MA - a tree that captured the imaginations of people in the area for more than 300 years!

This inspiring documentary has interviews with local historians, discussing the Tree's history through stories of the tree and the people who lived and gathered around it. The tree has been part of the Revolutionary War, the history of Lowell, Tewksbury and Billerica... While local town boundaries and residents changed, the tree stood and watched it all happen...

The movie tells the story of the Pow-Wow Oak Protectors (a grass-roots preservation organization dedicated exclusively to protecting the Pow-Wow Oak), how they came to be and the story of their efforts to preserve and protect the tree. Motivated by the destructive forces of landscaping activities that threatened the tree's life, the Protectors were formed in 2009. They spent more than three years trying to have the tree declared a "park" and pursued other official designations that could help protect it... Their story should be an inspiration to all those who believe in historic preservation at a grass-roots level!

See inspiring photographs of the tree itself, with its provocatively human-like features and dramatic transformation from season to season.

Produced & Directed by Andrew Szava-Kovats

(director of "The Last Farm in Lowell" and others...)

Out Now on DVD!

Includes interviews with:

George Koumantzelis (Pow-Wow Oak Protectors founder)

"Wireless Mike" Flynn (WCAP radio talk show host)

David Marcus (President - Tewksbury Historical Society)

Andy Kaknes (Pow-Wow Oak Protector)

Henri Marchand (Assistant City Manager)

Edward O'Keefe (Pow-Wow Oak Protector)

Peter Simopoulos (Pow-Wow Oak Protector)

Kimberly Whitworth (Concord Daughters of the American Revolution)

Bonus Features on DVD:

Deleted Scenes

Poetry Readings

Movie Trailer

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See Production Stills Here!

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Plus: "Acorn to Icon" - by Eugene Winter

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