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Out Now on DVD:

Women Who Rocked Boston

Documentary portrait of women who helped shape the Boston Rock Music Scene, from the 1970s to the 1990s. Includes Live clips from the Bristols, Jen Trynin, Tracy Bonham, Juliana Hatfield and more...

Let's Go to The Rat

Documentary portrait of one of the most famous nightclubs in the world: "The Rathskeller" or "The Rat" in Boston, MA. It was the hub of the music and art scene of Boston during the birth and heyday of Punk. From 1974 to 1997 it hosted thousands of bands, from some of the most famous to the most obscure.

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The Last Pow-Wow Oak

A portrait of the historic Pow-Wow Oak in Lowell, MA, an ancient tree around which Revolutionary War Militia gathered and where native Americans held council for hundreds of years...


The Last Farm in Lowell:

Documentary portrait of Rollie's Farm in Lowell, MA, the last working farm in the City of Lowell, and one of the few remaining in the Merrimack Valley.

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Grindstone Redux:

Documentary about the 1980s Underground Music Network.

See Pioneers of Independent Music tell their stories. Includes interviews & videos by Data-Bank-A, Charles Goff, Randy Greif, and more.

Winner of "Official Selection" at W. Hollywood International Film Festival.

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4 x 4: True Age Records

Video Collection

A collection of 16 studio videos at a Special Price:

4 videos by 4 by ASK, 4 by Data-Bank, 4 by Dominion, 4 by Fossil Man.

Data-Bank-A: Vintage Videos

A collection of 14 live performance videos from 1985 & 1993, by one of the Pioneers of Electro EBM. After more than 30 years since they began, they still sound relevant.


20th Anniversary Video Collection

A collection of 16 live & studio videos from 20 years of DBA's work. Includes interview with founding members Chris & Andy, plus a cool slide show of Germany Tour.

Now in Production:

The Women who Rocked Boston

Documentary about the extensive role women played in shaping the history of Boston's Rock scene. From the 1960s to today, women became powerful agents, DJs, musicians and writers. Many of them as powerful as the men in the scene. This is their story.

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