• Domestic Landscape Vol. 2
  • Great New Compilation LP of 1980s artists, from the Portugese Domestica Label, featuring: Parade of Sinners, Sleep Chamber, SM Nurse, Tranquil Eyes, Effetto Joule, Twelve 88 Cartel, Opfer Der Hingabe, and Handful of Snowdrops. On cool 12" vinyl only! Comes with excellent 8-page insert. $ 35.

Label Noir 
  • Great Compilation from new French Label Noir, featuring: Data-Bank-A, Mark Lane, . (LN001) CD $ 15.
  • Rare 1993 compilation CD from Germany's Subtronic label. Includes tracks by: Data-Bank-A, Necrophilistic Anodyne, Moon, No Comment, Individual Industry, Escape with Romeo, Diesel Christ, Beborn Baton, Second Decay, Volv Uncion, Vanishing Point, Simbolo and Random Mindmachine. Brand new CD (not shrink-wrapped, it never was).
  • CD$ 20.  ORDER NOW
Under Cover 
  • Rare 1993 compilation from Germany's SPV label. Features songs by: Data-Bank-A, Wolfsheim, Moon, Inspiral Carpets, The Convent, Aurora, Love Like Blood, Dark Orange, Bigod 20, The Fall, Forthcoming Fire, Plastice Noise Experience, The Frits, Profit of Haphazard, Genital A Tech and Malaria. Only 1 copy left! CD$ 25.  ORDER NOW
Latex TV Oblivion 
  • Rare Italian compilation from Minus Habens Records. Includes tracks by Front Line Assembly, Dive, Dominion, Lassigue Bendthaus, Shock Corridor, X40, Blackhouse, Jouissance, FM, Lagowski, Batz without Flesh, Psyclones, IT, Sigilum S and O/Slave. Only 2 copies left! Brand new shrink-wrapped CD. Only 2 copies left.
  • CD$ 20.  ORDER NOW
Electro Revenge 
  • Very rare 1990 compilation from Sweden's Energy label. Features songs by Data-Bank-A, De/Vision, Block 57, Next Generation, Second Voice, Pouppee Fabrikk, Eternal Afflict, Serpents, Juniper Hill, Lassigue Bendthaus, Fast Head Unendlich, Cyber, Entre Deux Guerres, Beborn Beton, Infam, Lipitkas/Zahnd. Original, brand new CD (not shrink-wrapped, as issued) Only 1 copy left! CD$ 25.  ORDER NOW
Electro Radiovengeance 
  • Compilation by DJ Vex, featuring: Data-Bank-A, Dive, Trauma Syndrom, Noxious Emotion, Hypno Skull, Fockewolf, Glis, Delien, Xorcist, Omnibox, Apocrypho, Diverje, Meat Distributors, Anstalt, System Der Dinge, Static Engine, Noisex, Front Runner, Zeta, DjVex. CD from ADSR Musicworks CD$ 10.  ORDER NOW
Ready for Action 
  • Compilation featuring: Compound, Setrakian and Vivante Tableau. It's industrial magic from the 1980s! Originally released by Dossier Records, Germany, 1991. (DCD9022) Import CD$ 25.  ORDER NOW (for import), or Download $ 8. for domestic
Regurgitapestries (A Remix Vortex) 
  • Compilation of US artists remixing each other: All the parts are there, but they're in strange new places...hmm. Better than the sum of its parts, it's a synergy of sound. Includes: Data-Bank-A, Evolution Control Committee, Frame, Morning Gold Fix, Parade of Sinners, Slingin' Zingers, Zero Times Infinity. (TAR011) Download $ 8.  ORDER NOW
Boston Elektro 101 
  • Compilation of Boston area artists, including: Data-Bank-A, Sleep Chamber, Out Out, din_fiv, Sector 7G, Zia, Mercymore, Informatik, diskos:chaos, D.D.T., Murderous Race, Grenadier, Struktur, Battery Cage, Institute of Technology. From Sinless Records, USA (1996) CD $ 10. ORDER NOW
Endless Grindstone  
  • The 4th and last in this series, collecting US underground electronic explorers: Compound, Data-Bank-A, Dominion, Lewis Francis, Parade of Sinners, Quayle, NoMuzic, Testicular Momentum, Carbon 14, 091 Crown, Schism, Cancerous Growth, King Felix, New Law Nightmare, Curious Voltage. All on one whirlwind tour-of-the-scene disk! (1989) CD $ 12.99 ORDER NOW
Turn of the Grindstone  
  • Third in series of compilations that takes you through the good old days of the alternative underground electronic scene of the late 1980s, the real thing, with: Parade of Sinners, Gelatinous Citizen, Lewis Francis, Compound, New Law Nightmare, New Carrollton/S.G.B.C., Mental Anguish/NoMuzic, Viktimized Karcass, Prescott/Montgomery/Schnitzler, and Curious Voltage. Download $ 8. ORDER NOW
Back to the Grindstone  
  • Second in series of compilations of the alternative underground electronic scene of the 1980s, with: Mental Anguish, Dominion, Industrious Fleas, Lewis Francis, Fact-22, Gelatinous Citizen, Nomuzic, David Prescott, New Law Nightmare, and Alien Planetscapes... on cool black vinyl! LP $ 20 ORDER NOW or Download $ 8
Ears to the Grindstone 
  • First in series of compilations devoted to bringing independently produced electronic music by unknown artists of the 1980s from across the US to ears of one and all. Includes Dominion, Parade of Sinners, Ferd, Gelatinous Citizen, Fact-22, The Arms of Someone New, Nomuzic, Mental Anguish, Dave Prescott, If Bwana. From 1987. Download $ 8  ORDER NOW
Andromeda: The Spectral Compilation 
  • Import Compilation of International artists, including: Wumpscut (2 Tracks!), Data-Bank-A, Moon, Diary of Dreams, Archon Satani, Beborn Beton, In My Rosary, Infinite Circle, Madre Del Vizio, The Merry Thoughts, Garden of Delight, Silke Bischoff, Two Witches, Eengelsstaub, Eld,. From Germany's Discordia Label (1994) Very few left. CD $ 20. ORDER NOW
Zero Times Infinity: Collaborations with Chaos  
At last! A very listenable,yet mentally stimulating set of musical experiements which really do bring together the best of noise, accidents, analog and digital electronics and human beings with brains. You must listen to understand. Very collectible. CD  $ 12 (pp.) ORDER NOW
Asmodeus Spectre: Cadence  
A very pleasant,yet stimulating combination of electronics with Dulcimer! Yes, Dulcimer - like you may have heard from people like Laraaji... Yet combined with media clips, samples, synths until it becomes a new ambience for contemplation. Very enjoyable without being syrupy. CD $ 12 (pp.) ORDER NOW

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