Vintage Equipment Rentals:

Set your studio apart from the others.

Now you can accommodate connoisseurs of vintage electronic instruments

who want to record sounds that are impossible to imitate.

We have some very rare, highly sought-after gear.

Rather than spend a fortune on buying them, you can rent them from us.

This service is available to Studios in the greater Boston area.

For the ultimate in convenience, we deliver and pick up the instruments at your studio.

Rates are available by the week or month.

The selection changes regularly, as we are always scouring the planet to find more interesting pieces.

Today's Selection:

Oberheim TVS-1: 2-voice synthesizer with 8 step sequencer

Roland Juno 60 (compatible MIDI to DCB converter available)

Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer

Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

Emu Emax SE - Keyboard - with library of sound discs

Ensoniq Mirage - Keyboard - with library of sound discs

Yamaha FB01 - sound module

Yamaha TX81z - sound module

Yamaha CS6 - keyboard

Nord Lead 2 - keyboard

Alesis DM Pro - drum module

Ace Tone  Rhythm Ace

Please call 978-459-7160 or write for more info.

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