A Documentary
by Andrew Szava-Kovats

"Although the Music Business is generally understood to be run by men, while making this documentary, it became clear to me that Women made much more of an impact on the Boston Rock Music Scene than I thought, on stage and behind the scenes.

So let's get to know some movers and shakers from the 1970s to the 1990s:
Beth Caurant - Lilith
BJ Plattner - Rude Girls
Alizon Lissance, Cercie Miller, Didi Stewart, Kathy Burkly, Myanna Pontoppidan, Sandy Martin & Wendy Sobel
- Girls Night Out
Laurel Blanchard - Lou Miami, Lilith
Carmen Wiseman - The Girls, Lisa's Hotcakes
"Miss Lyn" - Boston Groupie News
Jane Hudson - The Rentals, Jeff & Jane
Melodye Buskin - Phobia, Lou Miami
Linda Viens - Witch Doctor, Kingdom of Love
Suzie Kerr-Wright - One Fish Two Fish, Swinging Erudites
Tennie Komar - Tennie Komar & the Silencers

Plus Live clips from:
The Bristols
Jen Trynin
Girl on Top
Pamela Ruby Russel
Tracy Bonham
Juliana Hatfield
Witch Doctor
and more...

Pull up a screen and join us!"

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Director: Andrew Szava-Kovats
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